Climate Change & Consciousness Network

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What is Climate Change & Consciousness Network?

CCCnet is a space to cultivate community and belonging in the living earth with an international group of skilled and heart-centered activists. Here, we explore inner climate transformation and socially responsible, high-impact climate activism.

Through our initiatives, leadership and inner climate transformation courses, and explorations of the fundamental roots of the climate crisis, this community stewards kinship with the earth, one another, and the more than human world. We invite you to join CCCnet to partner with us in connecting the transformation of consciousness with socially responsible, practical, and collaborative conversations and initiatives across the planet to minimize ecosystem and human cultural disruption caused by climate change.

Who are we choosing to be? 

What do we need to become conscious of?

Consciousness is not something you have more or less of. It is a matter of extending our consciousness to include those who have been excluded from it. It is a matter of extending the circle of self to include more and more of what we have othered."

-Charles Eisenstein

The heart, soul and power of Climate Change & Consciousness are in you.  Please voice yourself here on CCCnet to build the vibrant human community that our living planet earth urgently needs!

 - Stephanie Mines, Founder and Vision Holder of CCC -